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March 19, 2018

CDP Institute Launches European Branch

CDP Institute Launches European Branch

CDP Institute

The CDP Institute has launched CDP Institute Europe to help European marketers. The new operation identifies CDP vendors who are active in Europe and will provide supporting services such as speakers. It is being launched with presentations in London, Amsterdam and Hamburg.

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Datorama Adds Data File Analyzer


Analytics-focused CDP Datorama has added an AI-driven tool to automatically create dashboards that analyze stand-alone data files. The new tool, LiteConnect, is available to users of Datorama’s core product, which unifies data from multiple sources and provides visualizations, alerts, and feeds to other systems.

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Facebook Under Fire for Political Misuse of 50 Million Member Profiles


Facebook was shocked shocked to learn that its data was used to help the Trump campaign in 2016, according to news reports. A survey app allowed researchers affiliated with political data firm Cambridge Analytica to gather data on 270,000 respondents and, without their permission, more than 50 million members of their networks. Facebook subsequently demanded that the data be deleted but apparently did nothing to ensure this happened. Politicians in the U.S. and UK are demanding investigations.

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