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March 23, 2018

How to Think Like an IT Manager

CIOs Focus on Customer Data: Experian Research


Lots of research shows that IT leaders give low priority to marketing technology. But an Experian survey of CIOs suggests they at least do recognize the importance of customer data: it was the most common focus for data management efforts (77%), even beating out product data (61%) and financial data (57%). Almost half (44%) saw potential to monetize high quality data in the future. Other interesting insights here.

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Few Companies Have Adequate Data Quality Programs: Paxata Survey


If customer data is the foundation of good marketing, then data quality is the foundation of good customer data. Data transformation vendor Paxata found that just 15% of IT executives said their companies had deployed a mature data quality approach, which they define as using things like data lakes, public cloud, and profiling. Another 40% had developed one but not deployed it. The IT organization was in charge of data quality at the vast majority of companies, with just 12% saying line of business managers had primary responsibility.

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Companies Making Poor Technology Decisions: PointSource Study


Putting things in a broader perspective, a survey from digital transformation consultants PointSource concluded that many companies are jumping into new technologies they don’t understand and without fixing their existing systems first.  CDP vendors take note: more than half said building a complete customer view involves accessing more systems than they’d like.

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