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March 26, 2018

CDP mParticle Adds View of Complete Customer Record

CDP mParticle Adds View of Complete Customer Record


Mobile-oriented CDP mParticle has added the ability to display the complete record of an individual customer, including attributes and behaviors. It’s the sort of thing a sales person or customer service agent might use. It shows that mParticle, like other CDPs, is extending beyond data management.

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Most Americans Don’t Trust Facebook to Protect Their Privacy: Reuters/Ipsos Survey


Are you trapped in a bizarre alternate universe where this newsletter is your only source of information? That’s about the only reason to be surprised that a Reuters/Ipsos poll found vastly fewer Americans trust Facebook to comply with privacy laws (41%) than trust Amazon (66%), Google (62%) or Microsoft (60%). Facebook probably didn’t help its reputation for honesty by taking out full-page ads that admit a “quiz app” leaked data on millions of people in 2014 but fail to mention that the app complied with Facebook rules at the time. Go easy on the schadenfreude, though: the fallout is likely to harm everyone who relies on customer data.

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Honesty about Targeting Improves Results: Harvard Business Review Paper

Harvard Business Review

Hopefully you don’t need convincing that marketers should be honest about how they use customer data. But if you do need a little push, here's a Harvard Business Review study that found recommendations including an explanation of the data used (“based on your clicks on our site” or “based on what you’ve shared with us”) had higher click and spending rates than recommendations that didn’t describe their basis. Bonus: the paper includes some good advice for using personal data wisely.

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