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March 27, 2017

Companies Plan to Skirt GDPR Consent Requirements

Companies Plan to Skirt GDPR Consent Requirements: AvePoint Survey


As the GDPR effective date looms ever closer, we see companies taking a more nuanced view of compliance. One thing they’ve noticed is that consent isn’t the only justification that GDPR allows for using personal data – there’s also “legitimate interest”, which doesn’t need consumer agreement. Data protection vendor AvePoint and privacy researchers Centre for Information Policy Leadership found that 45% of companies now intend to rely on legitimate interest, up from 31% the year before. Still, 62% expect they’ll need to re-obtain consent. Only 17% have a complete personal data inventory. It’s a good overview of GDPR issues and trends.

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ScanMyPhotos Advises Consumers to Remove Facebook Photos

PR Web

And the Facebook backlash continues. IPhoto digitization app vendor ScanMyPhotos saw fit not just to advise people to delete their photos from Facebook, but to issue a press release about the suggestion. Maybe it’s just a way to get attention by piggybacking on the news, but they also presumably feel it’s useful to be seen as pro-privacy.

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Brand Activism is Hot But Marketers’ Biggest Headache is Tech: OnBrand Magazine Survey


ScanMyPhotos isn’t alone in taking a position on public issues: OnBrand Magazine found that 79% of marketing decision-makers are including social and cultural issues in their 2018 strategies and 36% are excited to explore brand activism. Readers of this newsletter may be more interested to learn that the top-ranked 2018 challenge was incorporating new technologies into brand strategy, ahead of budget, changing consumer behaviors, aligning content with brand guidelines, ensuring brand safety, hiring top talent, proving marketing ROI, and getting actionable insights from data. Other interesting insights – worth a look.

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