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March 29, 2018

The New Battle For Access to Customer Data

Springbot Launches Audience Co-op for Small Ecommerce Companies


It’s beginning to look like access to customer data is as valuable as access to the customers themselves. Springbot, which provides marketing automation to small ecommerce companies, has set up a co-op to let its clients pool anonymous customer profiles and send campaigns to look-alikes of their own customer lists. Springbot sends the campaigns, so retailers only get information about responders. Springbot collects its clients’ data through integration siwth Big Commerce, Magento, and Shopify.

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6sense Adds Campaign Execution

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B2B predictive analytics vendor 6sense assembles its own data by scanning public and private sources for buying signals. It just added a campaign execution engine to deliver advertising and email messages to the opportunities it uncovers. This is a significant extension for 6sense, which previously fed scored leads and segments to external marketing and sales systems for execution. As marketing execution systems like Salesforce and Adobe expand their AI features, 6sense's data becomes a more important differentiator.

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Publishers Recognize that GDPR Strengthens Their Position


GDPR is the granddaddy of all data access stories. The pace is accelerating as companies scramble to comply by the May 25 implementation date. Latest subplot is advertisers trying to secure access to targeting data without incurring the responsibilities of managing it. Digiday has been covering it well: recent developments include proposals from IAB and from Google for publishers acquire consent on their behalf and a proposed contract from media buying giant GroupM that forces publishes to share access to data they collect. The common thread is that publisher control of the customer relationship gives them a stronger bargaining position with advertisers. This may be why Digiday reported earlier this month that publishers are less worried about GDPR than they were a few months ago.

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