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March 30, 2018

Facebook to End Targeting with Third Party Data

Facebook to End Targeting with Third Party Data


Facebook is phasing out its arrangement to let marketers target ads based on individual data from third party providers like Acxiom and Experian. It’s positioned as a privacy-enhancing move but the actual impact is likely to be slight (marketers could still buy the data directly) and it doesn’t address the core issue of data that Facebook gathers itself. The change may shift some immediate attention from Facebook but will likely to hurt them in the long run by fueling the fast-growing hysteria about data gathering in general. For example, see Cracked Lab's excellent but alarmist report from last June, now gaining more attention. Side note: Acxiom said the change would reduce its profits by $25 million next year, which considerably exceeds their company-wide earnings. Acxiom stock dropped 35% on the news although the loss only 20% by the end of the day.

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Datavest and Digi.me Plan Another Way for Consumers To Sell Their Own Data

Business Wire

Data access is hot, so I’ll report on yet another scheme for consumers to sell their own data directly. This one's a partnership between Digi.me, which lets consumers import data collected about them by social media, financial, and wearable sites, and Datavest, a not-yet-released platform that will let users pool their anonymized data and then share in payments for its use. The deal was announced at the just-ended KNOW Identity conference, https://www.knowidentityconference.com/ which apparently is dedicated to this sort of thing. Who knew the industry was big enough to merit its own conference?

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TiVo Makes Viewership Data Available through Tru Optik


Worried you won't be able to target individuals based on their data? Relax; that future isn't here yet and, in fact, the options are growing. TiVo, whose cute little boxes quietly track TV viewing in more than 2 million households, just announced it will share the information with Tru Optik’s OTT Marketing Cloud, allowing advertisers to build custom segments based on TV viewing habits and even to retarget TV ads at specific households.

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