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April 2, 2018

Latest from Our Department of the Obvious

Companies with Good Sales Processes Make More Sales: Altify Survey


Hi, I’m Jamie, resident intern in the CDP Institute Department of the Obvious. The office is closed today so it’s up to me to put out the newsletter. Fortunately, I’ve accumulated lots of obvious research. Here’s a study from sales management software company Altify that finds companies with effective sales processes have bigger deals and shorter sales cycles. They also found that buyers trust independent experts more than the selling company’s CEO. Yep, that’s obvious.

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Analytics Maturity Correlates with Business Results: Dataiku Study


Similarly, the International Institute for Analysis found that companies with better analytics have better financial performance, reputation, brand value, and innovation. This obvious conclusion is backed by a super-sophisticated methodology combining "quantitative surveys, organizational modeling, and a software-driven maturity scoring model". The study was sponsored by collaborative data science platform Dataiku.

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One-Quarter of Americans Are Online Almost Constantly: Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center

Consumer behavior is an especially rich source of obvious results. GlobalWebIndex tells us that 94% of internet users now own a smartphone, 16-24-year olds are the most active mobile users, and Android is the dominant operating system globally. Pew Research found that 26% of Americans are online almost constantly. My personal favorite is a HRC Retail Advisory report that 95% of consumers want to be left alone while shopping. These people make my job so easy. Obviously.

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