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November 18, 2016

MediaMath and LiveRamp Keep Growing; More Content Doesn't Get More Attention

MediaMath Further Blurs Line Between CDP and DMP


Many marketers are confused about the difference between Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms.  (My short answer: CDPs hold all customer data and support all channels; DMPs hold less data and focus primarily on Web advertising.)  DMP vendor MediaMath has further muddied the waters with Adaptive Segments, which lets marketers ingest data from CRM and other non-Web systems, create audiences in real time, and push those audiences to non-Web systems.  It’s still not as powerful as a real CDP but you’ll have to dig into the details to understand why.

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LiveRamp Keeps Growing: Acquires Arbor and Circulate, Adds Tapad Device Graph

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I didn’t have space earlier this week to mention Tapad’s announcement that its probabilistic device identities are now available for targeting through LiveRamp.  But LiveRamp showed up again in yesterday’s news by acquiring Arbor and Circulate, which both build deterministic device identities and user profiles while selling ads on publisher Web sites.  So we see that LiveRamp continues to push hard at expanding its identity resolution business.

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Beckon Survey: Think Half Your Content Is Wasted? Nah, It’s More Like 90%


Been spending a lot on content, have you?  How do you feel to learn that 90% of the engagement goes to just 5% of the items?  And that consumption hasn’t increased even though companies are spending 50% more on content creation?  Marketing performance measurement vendor Beckon provides these and other sobering facts in a new survey. 

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