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April 9, 2018

Life's Mysteries Revealed

TVSquared Raises $8 Million to Measure TV Ad Results


Life has many mysteries, and the impact of TV advertising ranks high among them. TVSquared shines a light into this dark corner by correlating ad broadcasts with customer response through phone, apps, mobile, Web, and SMS. They just raised $8 million, bringing total funding to $21 million.

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Decibel Creates Digital Experience Score


Also plumbing the ineffable, digital experience agency Decibel recently launched “Digital Experience Intelligence Platform” that automatically examines a company’s digital experiences and provides a handy experience score for each interaction type. It gives businesses an objective way to identify and rank user experiences.

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Mastercard Retires Customer Signatures


A less vexing mystery – at about the level of why you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway – is why credit card companies need a signature for in-person charges but not those taken online or by phone. Mastercard has resolved that conundrum by no longer requiring signatures at all. Fun fact: according to Mastercard, nearly one in five Americans can’t recall the last time they used their signature for anything else.

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