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April 10, 2018

IBM Backs Blockchain-Based Global Identity Network

Personal Data Manager Lifekee Announces Investment by KiwiTech


It looks like personal data ownership will be the surprise winner over blockchain as the most-hyped topic of 2018. Here’s an announcement from Lifekee, which calls itself “a customer data platform where users update their contact information on behalf of enterprises and other users”. They’re not using CDP the same way we do, but that’s not important here. Lifekee gives users a central repository for their personal data and automatically sends updates to other applications when the data changes. No talk yet of monetization but surely it’s on their minds. They just announced a strategic partnership with KiwiTech, which invests in tech startups.

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PDATA Offers (Another) Personal Data Marketplace


In practice, personal data monetization and blockchain go hand-in-hand. It almost isn’t worth mentioning each new scheme, but if you’re keeping track (or playing an esoteric drinking game), here’s an announcement from PDATA, a personal data marketplace that lets consumers sell their data directly to companies and get paid in PDATA tokens. Like many entrants into this market, PDATA is still in late planning stages, with token sales set to begin in 10 days. But it’s based on an existing app, a customer feedback system called Opiria.

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IBM Backs Blockchain-Based Global Identity Network from Sovrin

Globe Newswire

The focus on monetizing personal data arguably misses the point, which is that consumers want to control the data itself. Sovrin Foundation uses blockchain to give users a self-controlled credential to verify their identity in digital signatures. It conceives of itself as a “global public utility”. Cool. The Foundation just announced support from IBM, which joins a number of other, much smaller “founding stewards”.

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