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April 12, 2018

Oracle Expands Customer Data Capture and Access

Oracle Expands Customer Data Capture and Access


Oracle has added real-time streaming Web analytics (Oracle Infinity) and advanced audience segmentation (Oracle CX Audience) to its CX Cloud. Descriptions of both products tout customer data unification across silos, although CX Cloud already has a separate Customer Data Management Cloud that builds and exposes a consolidated master profile. There’s also the Data Cloud, their Data Management Platform (DMP) that includes both known and anonymous identities.

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DemandJump Raises $6 Million Series A for Web Customer Acquisition


Here’s something that’s easier to understand: DemandJump has raised a $6 million Series A, bringing total funding to $8.6 million. They help retailers identify their best Web traffic sources by applying advanced attribution to a database that combines internal data with competitive intelligence.

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Nielsen Adds API to Estimate Ratings for Imported Audiences


Even TV buying is more complicated than it used to be. Nielsen has launched an Enterprise Audience API that lets media companies import their own audiences and match them against Neilsen ratings data to estimate how well specific media plans will reach those audiences. This isn’t targeting individuals but does make it easier to target more precise audience segments.

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