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April 16, 2018

Private Equity Investment in Digital Marketing M&A Doubled Last Year

Restaurant CRM Vendor Bridg Buys Mobile Specialist Relevant Mobile

Business Wire

Restaurant CRM, marketing, and loyalty system vendor Bridg has acquired restaurant mobile app specialist Relevant Mobile. It’s yet another example of vertical market specialists building alternatives to general purpose CDPs and marketing products. Because you wanted more examples, right?

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PieSync Adds Email Validation By Synapp.io

PR Web

This item illustrates two trends: data synchronization vendor PieSync has integrated with Synapp.io’s DataValidation email list cleaning service. Trends are data synch as a supplement or replacement for a shared persistent database, and external data quality services as a supplement or replacement for services built directly in the customer data management system. Squint hard enough and you’ll also see an example of marketers using third party personal data, which is a bit more controversial than it once was.

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Private Equity Investment in Digital Marketing Doubled Last Year: Hampleton Partners

Hampleton Partners

For broader trends in tech deals, Hampleton Partners’ reports that 61% of digital marketing M&A spending last year was on services compared with just 39% on software. Biggest acquirers were agencies like Dentsu and Accenture. Also, private equity groups doubled their investment last year and were up 4x since 2015. Interesting.

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