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April 20, 2018

BlueConic Adds GDPR Consent Module

BlueConic Offers GDPR Consent Management


The latest CDP vendor to address GDPR is BlueConic, which has just released a Consent Management solution. The new module captures consent and data requests from individuals and shares consent status with other systems.

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U.S. and European Managers Equally Worried About Impact of GDPR Non-Compliance


Reports that most businesses won’t be ready for GDPR are so common they’re barely worth mentioning. But this survey from NetApp stands out because they gave country-by-country breakdowns and found, quite surprisingly, that U.S. firms see more harm from non-compliance than their European counterparts. Maybe it’s because the Europeans are more confident that they’ll be ready. Lots of interesting detail here if you’re into that sort of thing

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Celebrus Adds Connectors for Adobe Experience Cloud, Google, Facebook, and Apache Hive


Enough GDPR. CDP Celebrus has announced a slew of non-GDPR enhancements including streaming data into Adobe Experience Cloud; audience segmentation using data stored within Celebrus; real-time profiling of Google, Facebook, and DMP audiences; and a data loader for Apache Hive.

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