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April 23, 2018

Marketers Care More About Personalization than Consumers Do

Customer Experience is Top Priority for Most Marketers: Winterberry Group / DMA Study

Data & Marketing Association

Customer experience is a priority at 95% of companies and a top priority at 57% of companies surveyed by Winterberry Group for the Data & Marketing Association (DMA). The top reason was customer expectations for personalization, cited by 72%. What’s really interesting here is detail on marketer priorities: for example, 62% rate segmentation as the top priority within campaign management, compared with 54% for customer journey mapping and 39% for trigger-based communications.

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Ads Are Less Relevant than Marketers Think: Adobe Report


Are personalization efforts successful? Not so much as marketers think: Adobe’s 2018 State of Digital Advertising survey found while 74% of marketers believe they’re serving relevant ads, just 35% of consumers agree. Most of the study is about media trends – the hot new channel is push notifications, if you were wondering.

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Personalization Matters Less than Good Service: Narvar Survey


Is personalization as important as marketers think? When customer care vendor Narvar asked retail shoppers why they’d give a retailer repeat business, 77% cited fast shipping on replacements for lost or damaged items, 69% said quick refunds on returns, 54% mentioned an accurate delivery date promise…and just 25% cited a personalized experience. Of course, marketers always don’t control those operational practices. But maybe they should try.

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