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April 24, 2018

AI Keeps Growing

Listrak Embeds Persado AI to Write Email Subject Lines

Globe Newswire

Remember AI? It’s gone from exciting to background noise. But important things keep happening. For example, here’s an integration that embeds AI-generated email subject lines from Persado in emails sent by Listrak. It’s exactly the sort of friction elimination that will embed unnoticed AI in everything. Which is just as the machines want it.

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Qordoba AI Scores Emotional Content of Product Text

Business Wire

Qordoba also has an AI that understands human response to text. It helps product development teams score the emotional tone of the words embedded in user experiences. They argue that UX designers have largely overlooked text to focus on other aspects of design. Interesting.

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IDenTV Uses AI to Classify Video Content and Train Other AIs

PR Web

And here’s IDenTV, which uses AI to identify faces, objects, logos, scenes, and activities within videos. It stores them as metadata so the videos can be searched, analyzed and used to train other AIs. You read that right: the machines are making other machines smarter.

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