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April 25, 2018

Oracle Buys Grapeshot Brand Safety Solution

Oracle Buys Grapeshot Brand Safety Solution


Grapeshot calls itself a ‘contextual intelligence platform’, which could mean just about anything. What they really do is analyze and classify Web page content. The main application these days is brand safety – that is, avoiding placing ads on pages with objectionable messages. Oracle just bought them for an undisclosed amount.

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Uberflip Raises $32 Million Series A for Personalized Content Experience


Uberflip calls itself a ‘content experience platform’, another ambiguous label that in their case means they help marketers present their existing content in collections optimized for different audiences. They just raised a $32 million Series A, bringing total funding to $35.9 million.

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IAB Europe Releases Consent Framework for Publishers

IAB Europe

Since Web content seems to be today’s theme, let’s round it out with news that IAB Europe and IAB Technology Laboratory have released a framework for publishers to gather visitor consent for sharing their data with third parties. If I’m reading it correctly, a Web site pop-up would let visitors specify which from a list of third parties can have their information. It will take some pretty great marketing to make that work. Some European publishers have already signed on but we’ll see how others react.

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