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November 21, 2016

Episerver Expands Its Personalization; Sprinklr Buys Little Bird; GE Buys Wise.io

Episerver Announces Expanded Personalization


You may think of Episerver as a Web content management system, if you think of them at all.  But they’ve now morphed into a platform to manage marketing as well as digital content and ecommerce.  The “platform” part of that is a data store that uses APIs to capture information from online and offline sources.  This in turn allows it support advanced personalization including machine learning-based recommendations, individualized content generation, and on-site search.  The company just announced new features to do this.  These draw on acquisitions including Peerius (omnichannel personalization) last August and Optivo (omnichannel campaign management) in October.

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Sprinklr Acquires Influencer Identification and Marketing Platform Little Bird

Little Bird

Here’s a pretty standard acquisition story, but the company being bought is named Little Bird so we can think of it as part of a Thanksgiving theme.  Little Bird helps brands find social influences and build communities.  The buyer is Sprinklr, an enterprise social media management platform.  You might say they gobbled them up. 

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GE Has a Mini-Acquisition Spree to Beef Up Its Machine Monitoring Technology


Speaking of acquisitions, GE Digital recently spent $915 million to buy cloud-based field service technology company ServiceMax, $153 million for Internet of Things data integration specialist Bit Stew, and an undisclosed amount for machine learning expert Wise.io.  This is all intended to build its equipment monitoring business but if you don’t think equipment data can be transformed into customer insights, you might want to think again.

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