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April 30, 2018

Radius and LeadSpace Merge as Predictive Analytics Category Restructures

Radius and LeadSpace Merge as Predictive Analytics Category Restructures


Predictive analytics vendors Radius and LeadSpace have announced a merger agreement. Both firms originally sold B2B lead scoring but have shifted their focus to B2B data. The deal reflects a divergence in B2B predictive analytics: Lattice Engines last week announced a CDP that reflects a similar focus on data, while 6Sense recently purchased ZenIQ, which pushed it more towards marketing execution. As Scott Brinker and Anand Thacker pointed out last week in their MarTech Conference keynote, the stand-alone predictive analytics category has been shrinking as machine learning is embedded nearly everywhere.

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Better Data Access Leads to Better AI Use and Higher Revenue: BlueShift Study


Also illustrating the link between data and analytics, a survey from CDP vendor BlueShift finds that B2C firms with advanced data access are more than twice as likely as others to use advanced artificial intelligence for segmentation and personalization. Perhaps more compelling: firms using more than 75% of their data are 1.4x more likely to exceed revenue goals. Can you hear me now?

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Fragmented Data Blocks Customer Experience Success: CMO Council and RedPoint Global Survey

CMO Council

Another and much longer report from CMO Council and RedPoint Global also finds that poor data access is a critical roadblock to customer experience success. Speaking again of revenue: 76% say customer experience success will be measured by revenue growth but only 10% can measure bottom line impact of their engagement efforts in real time. The good news: that’s up from 5% in last year’s report. Lots of good detail here.

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