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May 1, 2018

Marketo Buys Multi-Touch Attribution Specialist Bizible

Marketo Buys Multi-Touch Attribution Specialist Bizible


Marketing automation vendor Marketo has acquired B2B multi-attribution specialist Bizible for an undisclosed price. Bizible was already integrated with Marketo, as well as Marketo competitors including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Pardot, Oracle Eloqua, Act-On and HubSpot.

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Amplitude Adds Single Customer View for Product Managers


Product analytics vendor Amplitude has added the ability to track individual customers across multiple products. Yep, sounds like a Customer Data Platform. Interestingly, they have integrations using the mParticle and Segment CDPs as data collectors.

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Company You Never Heard of Solves Problem You Didn't Know You Had

Business Wire

Sorry about that headline; I couldn’t resist. Namogoo prevents what it calls “online journey hijacking”, which is injection of unauthorized ads and content by third party services running on a brand Web site. They just raised a $15 million Series B, bringing their total raise to $28 million.

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