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May 2, 2018

Validity Buys CRMfusion

Data Quality Vendor Validity Buys CRMfusion and Adds New Funding


Data quality vendor Validity has purchased CRMfusion, which provides similar software for Salesforce.com. Validity also announced a funding round but didn’t say how much.

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Millennial Tech Buyers Care More About Relationships: Spiceworks Survey


Millennial tech buyers are more brand-loyal than previous generations, according to this study from Spiceworks. Everyone rates trust as the most important purchase consideration (84% for Millennials and 83% for Baby Boomers), but Millennials care more about relationships (60% vs 51%) and previous experience with a brand (34% vs 17%). The study also compares approaches to business and personal purchases – innovation, style, and price are more important for personal items, while support, ease of use, compatibility, security and brand reputation matter more when buying for the business. Alignment on political and social issues ranks at the bottom for both purchase types, although it plays a larger role in personal decisions (19%) than business (9%).

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Facebook, Privacy, and the Future of Personalization: Raab Associates

Raab Associates

Are you sad this newsletter hasn’t been covering Facebook’s privacy troubles in detail? Then you’re in luck: here’s a detailed look from Raab Associates at items you might have missed and some perspective on what it might all mean. You’re welcome.

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