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May 9, 2018

Millennials Shop More Online and Other Obvious Information

Millennials Shop More Online: Euclid Research


Retail analytics provider Euclid offers yet another survey showing that Millennials shop differently from their elders. You knew that, but did you know Millennials care much less about checkout time, return policy and product availability? That’s probably because, as the survey also shows, they’re more likely to order online and use the store as a pickup point. More here about attitudes towards store staff, marketing messages, social media, and so on.

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Retailers Not Covering the Basics: FitForCommerce Study


How good a job are retailers doing at giving shoppers what they want? Consultancy FitForCommerce didn’t write “meh” but that pretty much sums it up. Their Omnichannel Retail Index rated 120 retailers against 250 categories across Web, mobile, and in-store channels. The average company scored an unimpressive 58%, up just 2 points from the year before. Even the top ten scored only 68% to 78%. The index measures basics like Buy Online/Pick Up In-store (41% compliance), not advanced offerings like augmented reality.

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Employees with Pets Favor Pet-Friendly Work Rules: Pet Sitters International

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We thought these results were pretty predictable so we shared them with our Department of the Obvious intern, Jamie. He said they didn’t meet his standards and offered an example of what does: a Pet Sitters International survey that found pet owners like pet-friendly workplaces. Jamie knows his stuff.

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