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May 10, 2018

Data Gathering Business is Alive and Well, Thanks.

Consumers Pick Personalization Over Privacy: Adlucent Survey


The debate goes on: do consumers care more about privacy or personalization? In a survey by marketing analytics agency Adlucent, 96% of consumers said they want brands to be more transparent about data collection. But behavior tells a different story: 81% have shared their email with a brand in exchange for discounts and willingness to share data has more than doubled in the past two years. Actions speak louder than words.

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Acxiom Launches Self-Service Data Marketplace


Also betting that consumer data will remain a viable business is Acxiom, which just added a self-service data marketplace and expanded coverage to Brazil, the Netherlands, and Italy. Acxiom stresses that their data is “ethically sourced” and “compliant”, which is smart: rules like GDPR are causing a flight to quality among marketers who worry about accept data from less trusted sources.

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Citilabs Adds Foot Traffic Estimates for U.S. Locations


Also pressing ahead with data as a product is Citilabs, which has added hour-by-hour U.S. pedestrian traffic to its data on vehicles and mass transit. The data is sourced from mobile devices and estimates the paths of individuals but is, presumably, anonymized. If the U.S. adopts more stringent consent requirements– which it hasn’t – then firms like Citilabs may find it much harder to gather even anonymized information.

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