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May 14, 2018

Tealium Expands GDPR Support

Tealium Expands GDPR Support


Today is Tealium’s turn to announce GDPR enhancements. They’ve extended their already-extensive privacy and consent management tools with multi-language support, more customization, and consent logging.

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Consumers Cheat to Get Exclusive Offers But Think Brands Should Stop Them: SheerID Research


If GDPR has you thinking about trust, then ponder this: digital verification platform SheerID found that 24% of Americans had redeemed an exclusive offer they weren't entitled to but 80% said they’d lose trust in a brand that permitted it to happen. And 56% worry that brands reuse information gathered to confirm their identity without their consent.

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Shoppers More Likely to Buy Unfamiliar Brands on Amazon: CPC Strategy Study

CPC Stategy

At least everyone trusts Amazon, right? Well, CPC Strategy did find that 53% of shoppers are more comfortable buying unfamiliar brands on Amazon than anywhere else. But 70% are at least moderately concerned they’d end up with a counterfeit product on Amazon and almost 80% don’t fully trust Amazon reviews. Other interesting information on use of voice-enabled devices, how many look past the first search page, and checking prices against non-Amazon sites.

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