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May 15, 2018

Segment CDP Releases Unified Customer Profiles

Segment CDP Releases Unified Customer Profiles


CDP vendor Segment has released its previously-announced Personas feature, which builds unified, real-time customer profiles including computed values and makes them available to external systems via exports and API access. Segment had previously loaded, stored, and shared customer data but hadn’t automatically created unified profiles.

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SAP Launches Customer Data Cloud to Manage GDPR Consent and More


Here’s another hat in the GDPR ring: SAP’ has launched a trio of Customer Data Cloud from Gigya solutions, including identity, consent, and profile managers. SAP bought the Gigya identity management system last September for $350 million.

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Lithium Shuts Down Klout as GDPR Day Approaches

Tech Crunch

In a move that seems to be somewhat GDPR related, Lithium announced it is shutting down its Klout social media influence scoring platform. The main reason is that Klout is no longer relevant to Lithiuum’s social media management business, although GDPR’s consent requirements may have hastened things a bit.

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