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May 17, 2018

Let's Go Full Tin-Foil-Hat Paranoid

GDPR Protects Cybercriminals Too

Computer Weekly

Let’s go full tin-foil-hat paranoid today. We’ll start with news that GDPR will make cybercrime easier because security researchers won’t have access to domain owner information on the Whois database. An unintended side effect – or is it?

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Facebook and Google Limit Attribution Data

Marketing Land and AdExchanger

And then there’s news that Facebook and Google have made ad attribution harder by limiting ability to track individual users. In the name of privacy, of course, but the result is marketers have fewer ways to independently measure ad performance. Apple recently increased marketers’ direct access to attribution data but you can argue that's a ploy to increase their power by harming independent attribution vendors.

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Google Video Offers Social Engineering Plan – Oops, We Meant Thought Experiment

The Verge

And if you want Internet-quality evidence that big tech is aiming for total social control, check out this 2016 video from Google. They say it’s just a thought experiment. But that’s what you’d expect them to say.

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