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May 18, 2018

Mobile Now More than Half of All Digital Ad Revenue

Mobile Now More than Half of All Digital Ad Revenue: IAB Report


Mobile advertising is hot: mobile accounted for 57% all digital ad revenue in 2017, according to a study from Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Mobile grew at 36% while all of digital grew 21% to reach $88 billion. Spend on mobile video alone was $6.2 billion, also more than half the video total of $11.9 billion.

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Mobile Adtech Moloco Raises $11 Million Series B

Business Wire

All that growth makes mobile adtech (mobtech?) a good business to be in. Moloco, which provides infrastructure to run ads on mobile apps, just raised an $11 million Series B.

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Mobile Ad Fraud Rates Doubled in Past Year: Adjust


Growth also attracts fraudsters. Mobile measurement specialist Adjust found mobile ad fraud rates in first quarter of 2018 have doubled since the year before. Click here for a handy-if-terrifying explanation of the many ways mobile fraud can happen.

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