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May 24, 2018

Blockchain, Blockchain, Blockchain

Blockchain Funding This Year Already Exceeds Prior 18 Months


Let’s take a break from obsessing about GDPR and obsess about blockchain. TechCrunch says venture capitalists have invested more than $1.3 billion so far this year, more than the previous eighteen months combined. Not really surprising.

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Poseidon Foundation Uses Blockchain to Help the Planet

Poseidon Foundation

There are so many new blockchain products that we can only mention the most intriguing. Poseidon Foundation uses blockchain to buy carbon credits as part of retail transactions. Their pilot project contributes to forest conservation in Peru every time someone buys Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at a store in London. The low transaction costs of blockchain make it practical.

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Blockchain-Based GDPR Solution Involves Intel, Microsoft, and Others


You knew this was coming: a blockchain-based GDPR solution. Sure enough, it’s called GDPR Edge and was built by tech services company IntraEdge using Intel’s SGX secure processing technology. It runs on Microsoft Azure and is being sold by professional services firm BDO USA.

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