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May 25, 2018

Reltio Raises $45 Million for Self-Learning Customer Databases

Reltio Raises $45 Million for Self-Learning Customer Databases


“Self-Learning Data Platform” Reltio has raised $45 million in new funding, bringing their total to $117 million. Reltio’s roots are in master data management but it now focuses primarily on unified customer databases and related tools for analytics and recommendations. The “self-learning” label relates to use of machine learning to generate insights and recommendations.

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IAB Tech Lab Offers Audience Data Disclosure Framework

IAB Tech Lab

Most of the GDPR discussion has focused on bringing your own data collection into compliance. But there’s a secondary impact of ensuring that any data you purchase has itself been collected properly. IAB Tech Lab has released a proposed framework for standardized disclosures on sources of ad audience data. It includes an API to simplify sharing the information across the advertising supply chain. You may recall a somewhat similar data quality labeling standard proposed a few weeks ago by DMA, ARF and CIMM. No one is working on a standard for acronym disclosures, alas.

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CDP Institute Complies with GDPR

CDP Institute

Of course you know that GDPR goes into effect today. You probably weren't wondering about CDP Institute’s own compliance efforts but rest assured we’ve done our best. You’ll notice new consent language on our downloads and we’ve updated our privacy policy and terms of use. What’s that you say – we’re supposed to notify subscribers of those changes? We just did.

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