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June 1, 2018

Facebook Loses First Place as Mobile Traffic Source

ANA Purchases DMA


The venerable Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has been purchased by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Founded in 1917 as the Direct Mail Marketing Association, the DMA has struggled to adopt to the digital world. Its combination with ANA (itself founded in 1910) nicely symbolizes the merger of mainstream advertising and direct marketing techniques.

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Facebook Loses First Place as Mobile Traffic Source


The transition from direct mail to digital may be old news, but change continues within the digital world as well. Chartbeat reports that Facebook has lost its standing as the number one source of mobile Web site visits. Total traffic is flat but direct traffic and Google Search are now the top referrers. Facebook’s decision to prioritize personal over commercial content is the likely cause; Google has also made changes to increase its share.

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Neura Assigns “True Personas” Based on Location Tracking

Globe Newswire

Peering into the future, users choices about which sites to visit will be replaced by AI systems that decide for us. AI vendor Neura offers a glimpse of that world by tracking location with mobile and Internet of Things devices and letting marketers subscribe to “moments” such as “arrived at office”. Anonymized, of course. They’ve just added “True Personas” which uses location history to assign people to categories like “avid runner”, “hard worker” or “late sleeper”. Sign me up! Or maybe they already did.

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