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June 5, 2018

Technology for the Little Guy

I have no pressing news for you today, although Vista Equity Partners buying a majority interest in ad safety firm Integral Ad Science is interesting, as is Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of open source community Github. So let’s look at a trend instead: democratization of access to advanced technology.

Mastercard Helps Clients Develop Custom AI Solutions


We’ll start with a new Mastercard service that lets merchants develop tailored artificial intelligence models. It’s called AI Express and based on the Brighterion AI technology that Mastercard bought last July. Ponder that for a moment: Mastercard as a vector for spreading new tech.

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Sprint Launches IoT App Marketplace


How about telcos as channels for diffusing innovation? Here we have Sprint launching an online marketplace for ready-made Internet of Things solutions for business. Think apps to monitor refrigeration systems or manage energy consumption. Sprint IoT Factory is supported by IoT solutions developer myDevices and services provider The Goldie Group.

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EVRYTHNG Opens Blockchain Integration Hub for Consumer Products


And what’s sexier than blockchain, eh? I can think of several things, but no matter. Here’s news that smart product platform EVRYTHNG has pawned its vowels to create Blockchain Integration Hub, which adds blockchain-enabled features to consumer products. They’ve partnered with three blockchain solution providers to enable functions like supply chain tracing, product authentication, and consumer rewards programs.

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