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June 11, 2018

Mapp Digital Launches Mapp CDP

Mapp Digital Adds Integrated Customer Database as Mapp CDP

Mapp Digital

Mapp Digital has added an integrated customer database to Mapp Cloud suite, which delivers email, mobile, Web, social, and advertising messages plus analytics. Mapp tools are based on components from Blue Hornet and Teradata Marketing Applications. Mapp calls the new offering a Customer Data Platform but it’s not clear it meets the CDP requirement for giving external marketing systems easy access to its data.

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Experian Creates Unified Identity Offering


Experian has bundled its identity products as MarketConnect, offering identity resolution, cross-channel identity linkage, and persistent identity management. The services are powered by Experian’s massive store of identity information.

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Podium Raises $60 Million Series B for Small Business Customer Communications

PR Newswire

Small business customer communication system Podium announced a $60 million in Series B, bringing its total to $92.6 million. Podium supports online messaging, chat, surveys, and review management. The company has nearly 20,000 businesses as customers.

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