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June 13, 2018

New Integrations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 Now Share Marketing Insights


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is having its Connections conference this week, which has generated some news. First up, integration of Marketing Cloud with Google Analytics 360 to make journey analytics from each system visible in the other. According to this TechCrunch piece, Salesforce makes clear they are not sharing individual-level data. Ability to push audiences from Google Analytics 360 to Salesforce (and apparently other systems) is due for beta release later this year.

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Merkle Launches Packaged Integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud

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Also timed to the conference, marketing agency Merkle announced CRM 4.0, a packaged solution that combines Merkle identity resolution, data and analytic services with an integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. What’s worth noting here is that connecting the two clouds is tough enough to require special integration services, and that additional services are needed for identity resolution and data management. Bear that in mind the next time someone tells you that Salesforce components just snap together like Lego Blocks.

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Salesforce Adds Real-Time Interaction Studio


Salesforce also announced Interaction Studio, which makes in-the-moment recommendations based on customer profiles that are updated in real time with data from multiple channels. You may have thought that’s what Salesforce Journey Builder did, but Journey Builder sends predefined sequences of outbound messages like email. Glad we cleared that up.

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