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June 14, 2018

BlueConic CDP Adds Standard  Behavioral Attributes

BlueConic CDP Adds Standard Behavioral Attributes

Business Wire

CDP BlueConic has added a standard set of real-time behavioral attributes to its customer profiles. These include recency, frequency, momentum and intensity. Users were already able to define custom real-time attributes.

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Consumers Place $150 Average Value on Personal Data: SYZYGY


Digital agency SYZYGY asked U.S. consumers what they’d charge their favorite brand for the personal data already held online about them and found the average answer was $150. More than half said they wouldn’t sell at any price while 10% would let brands have it for free. Other studies have estimated the value of personal data at $240 (Wibson) or anything from $39 to $8,100 (Trustwave).

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Americans Yearn for More Detailed Food Labels: SmartLabel

PR Newswire

Then again, how reliable are consumer surveys to begin with? Let’s take a quick poll: raise you hand if you’re eager to spend more time reading food labels in the grocery store. Not many hands out there, I suspect. Yet a survey for SmartLabel found more than 70% of people would like more details than package labels now provide. No prizes for guessing what SmartLabel does.

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