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June 20, 2018

RichRelevance Launches Next-Generation AI-Based Personalization

RichRelevance Launches Next-Generation AI-Based  Personalization


Personalization vendor RichRelevance has launched its next generation of AI-based personalization tools. Key features include dynamic assembly of individual experiences, real-time performance tracking and continuous optimization. A helpful “Experience Browser” overlays the client’s Web site to display data, rules, and results for each decision in context. Marketers can set business rules to constrain the AI decisions and data scientists can draw on system data to define custom personalization strategies.

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Automated Data Management: Immuta Raises $20 Million and Crate.io Raises $11 Million

Immuta, Crate.io

Compared with AI-based personalization, automated data management gets relatively little attention, at least in martech circles. But its potential for solving the data unification problem is huge. Immuta, which marshals sensitive data for machine learning projects, just raised a $20 million Series B. And Crate.io, an open source SQL database to manage feeds from machines and IoT devices, raised an $11 million Series A. Now you know.

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Mobile Phone Operators Take Baby Steps to Protect Location Data


I have a slew of other items about AI being used for cool things including seeing around corners, rendering 3D objects from photos , and delivering packages via two-legged robots (creepy!) . But let’s get back to reality with a report that several mobile operators were recently caught selling location data with little control over how it was used. The good news is that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have shut off access to the two companies that were identified as misusing it. The bad news is they’re still selling it to pretty much anyone else. Apple also recently changed App Store rules to limit app publishers’ access to people’s iPhone contact lists. So maybe this is progress.

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