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June 22, 2018

Adobe Launches Audio Ads on Smart Speakers

Urban Airship Raises $25 Million Series F

Urban Airship

Mobile marketing vendor Urban Airship has raised a $25 million Series F, bringing its total financing to $100.9 million. Urban Airship orchestrates and personalizes messages across mobile apps, email, Web push, and SMS and connects with other channels via an open API.

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Viant Sends Real-Time Mobile Ads Based on TV Viewing


Digital audience vendor Viant can now retarget smart TV ads to viewers’ mobile devices in real time. In other words, you might get an ad on your smartphone, laptop, or computer based on an ad you just saw on TV. It’s a technical triumph requiring integration of Viant’s cross-device identity data with equipment manufacturers, automatic content recognition services, TV ad providers, and ad exchanges. Whether consumers will be impressed or creeped out is another question.

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Adobe Launches Audio Ads on Smart Speakers


For delivering ads you might not want, Adobe has a technical triumph of its own: it has teamed up with online audio distributor TuneIn to serve ads on smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Chosen format is 90 second ads delivered twice an hour. The company says that targeting “at launch” is based on the type of content, perhaps implying that individual-level targeting will follow.

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