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November 29, 2016

Accenture Sees Focus on Customer Experience Innovation; Stirista Offers Contact Data; Commerce Signals Links Ads to Off-Line Sales

Accenture Research: Innovation Focus Is Switching from Product to Customer Experience

Business Wire

I found this Accenture report hard to follow but the message is still important: superior customer experience is now more important than product innovation.  Key quote: “Two thirds (66 percent) of companies surveyed reported that their most successful innovations in the last two years have been derived from improved customer experiences and related new business models versus new products alone.” 

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Commerce Signals Measures Impact of Digital Ads on Off-Line Sales

Commerce Signals

Commerce Signals has announced a service that lets advertisers measure in-store sales associated with their campaigns in near real time.  Advertisers provide anonymized exposure data, which is matched against purchase data from Visa Advertising Solutions without exposing personally identifiable information.  Commerce Signals acts as an intermediary. The point is to measure the impact of ads on in-store sales, which is still where most spending takes place, and to get results quickly enough to fine-tune campaigns while they’re under way.

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Stirista Adds Individual Contact Info to B2B and B2C Profiles

Business Wire

Digital marketing agency Stirista has introduced StiristaLINK, a service to enrich B2B and B2C profiles with business, consumer, and social data including contact information.  B2B profiles are linked to consumer information using proprietary geo-coding methodology.  Just in case you didn’t have enough data sources to consider.

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