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June 26, 2018

Identity Hide-and-Seek

BigID Raises $30 Million Series B for Data Privacy Solution


One of the biggest challenges companies face in protecting customer data is just finding where sensitive data sits in their systems. BigID does that, assess risks, and helps to manage resolutions. They just raised a $30 million Series B, bringing total to $46.1 million

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Senzing Deploys AI-Based Identity Resolution

Globe Newswire

Sometimes the problem isn’t protecting identity but figuring it out. Senzing does real-time, self-tuning identity resolution using G2 technology its team members built at IBM and have since licensed. They’ve just added a fraud detection application to their Customer 360, GDPR and general applications.

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Ping Identity Buys Elastic Beam for API Security

Ping Identity

Other times the problem is making sure people are really who they claim to be. Ping Identity does that for corporate employees and partners as well as customers. They’ve just bought Elastic Beam, which helps block cyberattacks through API connections.

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