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June 29, 2018

CDP Evergage Adds Survey Tool

Infutor Offers Digital ID Audience Targeting


“Digital ID Audience Targeting” is the kind of headline that attracts my attention and presumably yours, Dear Reader. So I flagged this item from identity data vendor Infutor but then struggled to figure out what it meant. Beneath it all, Infutor is appending email addresses to clients’ existing customer records. Nothing new about that but cleverly positioned as a way to improve match rates for social and programmatic display campaigns. Good for them.

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CDP Evergage Adds Survey Tool


The ability to offer surveys is a genuinely new feature for Evergage. It may seem minor but Evergage is a CDP and you do seem interested in CDP vendor announcements, Dear Reader. So here you go.

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Yotpo Applies Advanced AI to Consumer Reviews

PR Web

Here’s one more product extension: Yotpo, whose technology helps to gather user-generated content and reviews, has added a suite of AI-powered solutions. What’s noteworthy is the sophistication of the AI: for example, it suggests relevant review topics to each customer based on their previous submissions and search history. Impressive.

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