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July 4, 2018

Greetings from Our Department of the Obvious

Hi, it's Jamie, the CDP Institute's faithful Department of the Obvious Intern.  Everyone else took today off but I volunteered to stay behind if they let me write the newsletter.  Here are some of the obvious goodies I've recently collected.

Bad Employees Hurt Business: PwC Study


We’ll start with this PwC study on customer experience, which found that bad employees drive people away, not bad technology. Also, airlines have really bad service. There's plenty of less-obvious stuff but I’ve ignored it.

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Most Pictures on Social Sites Come from Smartphones: ScanMyPhotos

PR Web

This one is simpler: 91% of pictures uploaded to photo-sharing sites come from smartphone. The only surprise is that 9% come from somewhere else. The research comes from ScanMyPhotos, whose gloriously obvious name indicates the service they provide and also why they’d want people to consider loading photos that didn’t come from a smartphone.

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Amazon Promotes House Brands Over Competitors: NY Times

The New York Times

The mother lode of obvious news is the tech reporting team at The New York Times. It’s my dream to work there some day.  Here they tell us that Amazon is favoring its own products over those of competitors. And, more obvious still, they report this actually works.  Just the right tone of feigned surprise.

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