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July 5, 2018

Google Lets Third Party Developers Read Gmail Messages

Postie Offers One-Stop Direct Mail Marketing

Globe Newswire

Direct mail was never really lost but that doesn’t prevent companies from rediscovering it. The latest is Postie, which has just launched an integrated system combining access to a 320 million-name database; connections with a company’s own CRM, Web, and other systems; look-alike prospect modeling; rule- and event-based trigger campaigns; and more. Users upload creative and do everything else within the system. Sweet.

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Google Lets Third Party Developers Read Gmail Messages

Venture Beat

It’s a federal crime to read someone else’s postal mail but the rules for email are less rigid. The latest reminder comes from Google, which was recently reported to have given third-party app developers access to subscribers’ Gmail messages. Google’s response was that subscribers must give the app developers permission in their signup notice. Which everyone reads carefully.

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Most Companies Don’t Follow Email Best Practices: Return Path Study

Return Path

Privacy aside, email is still the marketer’s best friend. But email vendor Return Path and Demand Metric found that marketers aren’t taking full advantage: only 68% do personalization, 39% do a/b testing, and 36% optimize for deliverability. Companies that do those things report vastly better results. Lots of good detail in this 51 page report.

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