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July 6, 2018

Digital Transformation Isn't Helping Customer Experience

Most Digital Transformation Initiatives Favor Efficiency Over Customer Experience: Avaya and IDC


Let’s talk about digital transformation because, well, there’s no actual news today. First an IDC study for Avaya that finds most digital transformation initiatives have been “less than ‘extremely successful’” in part because IT and business managers both think they’re in charge. More disturbing, more projects focus on efficiency (62%) than customer experience (54%). Companies that do prioritize customer experience grow faster.

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Development Backlogs Stifle Digital Transformation Projects: OutSystems


This report from development tool vendor OutSystems argues that development backlogs are a big obstacle to digital transformation success. OutSystems sells tools to make development more efficient but they’re unintentionally making a case for packaged software. You know, like Customer Data Platforms. Unlike Avaya, they find companies are giving highest priority to customer experience applications.

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Consumers Not Satisfied with Digital Transformation Results: Mitel


This Mitel study also reports that improved customer experience is a major goal for digital transformation project. But they find that consumers are still not getting the experience they want. The main takeaway is consumer preferences vary widely so there’s no single solution. Lots of detail on differences by country and industry.

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