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July 10, 2018

CDP Industry Grew 76% in Past Year

CDP Employment Grew 76% in Past Year: CDP Institute Report

CDP Institute

The CDP Institute has released its semi-annual industry update, analyzing vendors we’ve identified as CDPs. Big trend is systems that offer analytics and engagement in addition to the core CDP database. Many inscrutable charts.

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Forrester Buys FeedbackNow to Power Planned CX Cloud


Here's a head scratcher: tech advisory firm Forrester has purchased two tech companies of its own. Customer response collector FeedbackNow makes those “smiley boxes” you see in airports.  AI vendor Glimpzit does analytics. The products will be part of a “real-time CX cloud” to help companies monitor and improve experience.

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Loss‐Framed Financial Incentives and Personalized Goal‐Setting to Increase Physical Activity Among Ischemic Heart Disease Patients Using Wearable Devices: The ACTIVE REWARD Randomized Trial

Journal of the American Heart Association

We don’t usually let Jamie, our Department of the Obvious intern, look at academic research because there’s so much obviousness that he gets overexcited and then needs a nap. But he somehow uncovered this study, which found that people will exercise more if you pay them. We thought it might be a joke but apparently it’s legitimate.

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