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December 1, 2016

Emarsys, ConsumerTrack, and Valassis All Expand Use of Machine Learning

Emarsys Adds Artificial Intelligence to Help B2C Marketers


B2C marketing cloud company Emarsys has launched a “hype-free and tangible” set of artificial-intelligence-powered services including predictive product recommendations, individually-tailored incentive recommendations, and send time optimization.  Its goal is to automatically optimize customer treatments for each individual, freeing up marketers to do more fun stuff.  The new features are fruits of the $33 million investment Emarsys accepted in September 2015, the first outside funding since it started in 2000.  Emarsys supports email, mobile, push, social, Web advertising and Web site personalization.

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ConsumerTrack Launches Magneto to Scale and Optimize Web Ad Campaigns

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Digital media company ConsumerTrack introduced its own machine-learning-powered solution, named Magneto for some reason that isn’t immediately apparent to me.  Maybe they’re X-Men fans.  Which would actually be kinda cool if you think about it.  Anyway, Magneto uses machine learning to automatically analyze, segment, and optimize campaigns in real time, with a particular focus on response quality.  ConsumerTrack specializes in using Web ads to find new customers for financial institutions, home service companies and travel groups. 

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Valassis and Lityx Cooperate to Improve Media Optimization


Finding three machine learning stories in one day is pretty easy, so don’t be impressed.  Here’s news that predictive analytics vendor Lityx (not to be confused with customer data platform vendor Lytics) has integrated its system with Valassis, which mostly delivers coupons through print and online media. The deal will apply Lityx’s analytics to Valassis’ massive customer databases to better target and optimize Valassis marketing campaigns.  Of course.

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