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July 24, 2018

SessionM Raises $23.8 Million from Salesforce Ventures and Others

SessionM Raises $23.8 Million with Salesforce Ventures as Lead Investor

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Personalization engine (and CDP) SessionM announced $23.8 million in new funding, with Salesforce Ventures as a lead investor. Coming on the heels of Salesforce’s Datorama acquisition last week, it suggests somebody at Salesforce has a new interest in customer data integration. You may also recall that SessionM expanded its own Salesforce integrations last week. Total funding is now $97.3 million.

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Qubit Expands Integrations with SAP and Salesforce Commerce Platforms


We also have news that personalization vendor Qubit has a new integration with SAP’s ecommerce applications. Qubit unifies customer data from multiple sources and makes it available to analytical systems. This follows news of similar integration with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We haven’t classified them as a CDP but maybe we should.

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Reltio Enterprise Data Integration Available on Google Cloud Platform


Sticking with cloud platform integration: master data management vendor Reltio announced their system is now available on the Google Cloud Platform. Reltio provides predictive analytics as well as data discovery and consolidation. Yes, they’re a CDP.

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