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July 27, 2018

Marketing Clouds Can't Meet All Needs: Forrester Study

Marketing Clouds Can’t Meet All Needs: Forrester Study

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Legacy system integration, unexpected costs, and implementation delays head the list of challenges faced by marketing cloud users, according to a Forrester report. Just 45% agreed that a single vendor can provide all capabilities they need even though 61% felt most functionality should come from one vendor.

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Organizations Invest More in Security Than Privacy: TrustArc Survey


Organizations Invest More in Security Than Privacy: TrustArc Survey Organizations are prioritizing security over privacy technologies, the International Association of Privacy Professionals and TrustArc found in another study. Fewer than 50% have bought or plan to buy consent management or de-identification systems, while more than 75% have or plan to buy secure enterprise communications or network activity monitoring.

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Consumers Raising the Bar on Expected Experience: Medallia Research


Consumer expectations for customer experience are rising across the board, with youngest customers showing the fastest increases, according to a survey from Ipsos and Medallia. U.S. consumers were most satisfied with online retail experiences and least with mobile network providers. Other interesting results by country.

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