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July 30, 2018

Bidalgo Uses AI to Guide Ad Creative

Bidalgo Uses AI to Guide Ad Creative

Marketing Dive

Bidalgo, which offers AI-assisted media buying for app marketers, has added an AI-based service to analyze ad creative and recommend changes that will improve results. The system evaluates the impact of variables including images, colors, promotions, contrast, concepts, and copy. It doesn’t actually generate new creative but will write a brief to guide in-house or agency teams. Good to know humans are still good for something, even if it’s just following orders.

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Pega Launches API to Embed Its User Interface Components


Customer experience software vendor Pegasystems also makes extensive use of AI but its latest announcement is an API that makes it easier for (human) developers to create interfaces that include Pega functionality. The idea is to access existing Pega user interface functions and process flows instead of recreating them from scratch.

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Canopy Labs Adds Predictive Model Triggers for Emails

PR Web

Canopy Labs assembles a unified customer database which it uses to map customer journeys, run campaigns, and attribute results. They’ve just added emails triggered by predictive models, as opposed to specific events. We don’t list them as a CDP because they don’t provide external systems with access to their data.

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