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July 31, 2018

Treasure Data CDP to be Bought by ARM Holdings for $600 Million: Report

Treasure Data CDP to be Bought by ARM Holdings for $600 Million: Bloomberg Report


CDP Treasure Data is set to be bought by chip designer ARM Holdings for around $600 million, according to an unconfirmed Bloomberg report. It’s part of ARM’s strategy for Internet of Things. Treasure Data is especially good at dealing with large streams of semi-structured data, such as IoT devices produce. ARM, a SoftBank subsidiary, licenses semi-conductor chip designs and related intellectual property to semi-conductor manufacturers. Presumably that’s who they expect will use Treasure Data.

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Cheetah Digital Acquires Stellar Loyalty for Advanced Customer Data Management

Cheetah Digital

Here’s a more conventional acquisition: marketing services and technology company Cheetah Digital has purchased Stellar Loyalty, which offers a range of loyalty and engagement applications for retail, restaurant, travel, and other industries. Cheetah’s discussion of the deal touts Stellar’s “big data architecture” as a highly scalable and flexible system that creates real time customer profiles. This is apparently an improvement over Cheetah’s existing technology.

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Simon Data Raises $20 Million for Integrated Customer Database and Segmentation


Simon Data, which builds a unified customer database and pushes segments to channel systems, has raised a $20 million Series B, bringing total funding to $32 million. Simon refers to its database as a CDP but it’s not clear it exposes its contents to other systems, as in the CDP Institute definition. It does create test splits and predictive models.

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