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December 2, 2016

Manthan Adds Smart Targeting, Clarion Capital Buys Madison Logic, Magisto Expands Its Marketing Video Features

Manthan’s Customer360 Adds Smarter Targeting and Better Security


Manthan bills itself as “the global leader in analytics and big data”, which may come as a surprise to a few folks like IBM and SAS.  And its current announcement of tighter integration with the NCR AMS offer management solution, isn’t exactly earth shattering.  But Manthan does create a unified customer view to support its advanced analytics,and machine-learning-based recommendations.  So it’s definitely relevant to customer data platform issues if you’re in retail.

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Clarion Capital Partners Announces Acquisition of Madison Logic

Madison Logic

Madison Logic calls itself “the global leader in Account Based Marketing”.  That's a somewhat more tenable claim than Manthan’s but also likely to be contested by several others.  At least they have some real news to report: Madison Logic was purchased by private equity firm Clarion Capital Partners, which is expected to expand the business.  Madison Logic’s core business is targeted advertising and content syndication for B2B marketers. 

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Magisto for Marketers Uses AI to Create Business Videos

Business Wire

Magisto says it’s “the world’s most popular smart video storytelling application”, which actually might be true if only because they get to define what it means.  Puffery aside, Magisto is one of the cooler marketing tools out there: users submit video clips and Magisto uses artificial intelligence to assemble them into remarkably polished videos.  The company just added Magisto for Marketers, which can auto-generate video variations for different purposes, run its own a/b tests, optimize for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and do other neat stuff.  Pricing starts at $49.99 per month, which is also pretty neat.

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