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August 1, 2018

Video Targeting as Social Media Alternative

Adobe Integrates LiveRamp IdentityLink for TV for Cross-Channel Targeting

Business Wire

Marketers frustrated with social media can increasingly turn to video for targeted audiences. Here’s news that Adobe is integrating LiveRamp’s IdentityLink for Television within its Advertising Cloud and Audience Manager, enabling marketers to target the same audiences across addressable TV and Web display ads. One step closer to omnichannel Nirvana.

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RhythmOne Guarantees Video Audience Demographics


Adtech company RhythmOne isn’t targeting individuals but can measure audience demographics in its network of “TV-like” experiences on mobile apps, Web sites, and connected devices. Its latest offer is guaranteed delivery to specified audience demographics, verified against comScore’s cross-platform measurement. Apologies for the jargon but if this is important to you, it will make sense.

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Cedato Uses Big Data to Meet Programmatic Video Goals

PR Web

Speaking of jargon, programmatic video vendor Cedato has launched a “contextual lookalike targeting technology” that uses data from 400 billion video transactions to pick placements that best meet specific goals such as completion rates or engagement. What’s interesting is they’re positioning this as a way to overcome GDPR limits on user-based targeting. Expect more products pitched as a GDPR-antidote.

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