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August 2, 2018

Industry Specialists Expand CDP Capabilities

Bridg Adds CDP to Its Restaurant and Retail CRM

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Restaurant and retail CRM specialist Bridg has launched a Customer Data Platform that ingests data from external and internal sources, matches transactions to customer profiles, sends segment to delivery systems, and lets other systems access the data through APIs. Yup, that’s a real CDP. Whether it’s “the first CDP for brick-and-mortar retailers” is debatable but does it really matter?

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Swrve Launches 3.0 Version with Advanced Event Triggers


Swrve, which started as a mobile marketing automation system for game developers, has launched Swrve 3.0, which includes multi-channel campaign workflows, AI-based predictive models, and real time event-based triggers. Especially interesting is that triggers can be based on details within an event – for example, not just “booked a flight” but “booked a LAX/JFK flight with a window seat”. Swvre pulls in data from many sources, builds a unified database, and sends messages through external applications. We don’t list them as a CDP but they probably qualify. .

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Flytxt Adds AI Advisor for Marketers


Sticking with product news, telecom-focused customer engagement vendor Flytxt has launched Robo-X, an AI assistant that offers marketers advice about marketing opportunities. AI advisors for marketers are becoming quite common. Flytxt is another system that we don’t list as a CDP but probably could.

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